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Mardi and Funny

Meet Mardi and Funny. They are both purebred Jersey cows—known for their distinct, friendly and curious personalities as well as low-impact on the land due to their smaller size.

These girls came from an idyllic farm in Monmouth that’s part of @organicvalley co-op. Their farmer, John loves his cows more than you could imagine! If you’ve ever bought @nancysyogurt grassfed milk yogurt line then you’ve probably had these girls’ milk! Their milk production was declining so it was time to move onto the next stage of their life.

They get some time running around in sunshine and grass and not having to do any work but eat and sleep. This summer they will be processed on site and move onto their next purpose of feeding many families with meat instead of milk.

Grateful for what these ladies gave in milk and later in meat, and honored to provide them with some R & R inbetween as thank you for their working lives. 🐄 💖

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