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Zero-ish Waste

One of my (many) goals in this operation is to be as zero-waste as possible. This society has become so accustomed to doing things as fast and cheap as possible that we’ve lost sight of the collateral damage this causes. Things done right can take a little longer, and often cost a little more than we’re use to, but it’s investing in sustainability, longevity, small, local systems, good animal husbandry, and respect for these animals that provide us with incredible protein.

In light of that, I am finding ways to use every piece of these girls, with her beautiful hide, Red is great candidate for hair-on tanning. Many tanneries use very harsh chemicals that are extremely detrimental to the environment as well as our health when these hides are in our home (but….it’s cheaper and faster to do it with the harsh chemicals 🫠). We are fortunate enough to have an Oregonian at Angelo’s Tannery who’s willing to do it a little slower and use much gentler substances to tan the hide. He will be picking up her hide and it will be ready towards the end of the year and available for purchase. 💖

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