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Beef share
  • Please note, the charges on this page are DEPOSITS ONLY. Read full description for details and info about final charges.


    **Shares are sold by the quarter. Please order multiple quarters if you would like a half or whole beef.**


    All shares include bones, fat and organ meat at no extra charge if you would like them, let us know when you pick up!


    Beef is billed on the hanging weight (weight of the fresh carcass on the processing date) at $6.80/lb. The cut and wrap fee is $0.85/lb, plus $35 per 1/4 for the mobile slaughter fee and $75 for dry aging. The whole carcass no is hung 2-3 weeks. All primes are dry-aged a minimum of 30 days, but up to 60 if conditions allow.


    Each quarter includes cuts from the front and the rear. Orders are customizable for portion size and cut preferences. You will get ground beef, stew, flat iron, eye of chuck steaks, chuck roast, cross rib roast, sirloin tip, London broil, New York’s, rib eyes, tenderloin, top sirloin, sirloin, short ribs, etc. If you dont want roasts, and want more ground or stew, or roasts to be steaks, you will be able to choose that when filling out your order form at the time of processing. There is also the option to use some of your burger for custom sausages with 25lb minimum.


    All orders are processed through The Meating Place in Hillsboro which is also where you will pick up your cut and wrapped frozen meat.

    Beef share

    • You can expect to pay +/- $1,100-$1,400 total per quarter depending on the size of the cow, with 80-100lbs finished meat. Some breeds are smaller than others, and if you have a preference on a smaller or larger cow, email or text me, but preference cannot be guaranteed, based on availability.

    • Payment timeline:

      - Deposit paid at time of order on website

      - Hanging weight (bulk of the cost) is billed the day after processing and is paid to Vorfreude Dairy Beef

      - Remainder is paid on the day of pick-up to The Meating Place for cut and wrap, slaughter fee and dry-aging fee (credit card/check/cash)

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