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High Quality Everything!

In order to produce high quality milk, it takes high quality feed. One of the many things that’s a waste when dairy cows get funneled into the commodity beef market—deemed simply as ground-beef cows and mixed with meat from large-scale conventional dairy farming—is the loss of a product of so many years on top-notch feed.

This is absolutely no fault of dairy farmers, this is a fault of the market, perception, false stigma, and lack of knowledge around the incredible potential of beef from an old cow that was raised right. Feed and animal husbandry matter immensely on how animal products turn out and the local farms these girls come from are excelling at both. To honor that, I hope to bring light onto what dairy beef can be and bring the value to these old girls (and the work that went into raising them right for so many years) that they deserve!

These cows are the lucky ladies at @tmkcreamery eating their rich, Michelin star diet. Highly recommend visiting this creamery! 😍🐄

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