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Rotational Grazing

Not all grazing is equal! Holistic land management: When cows are moved properly they can actually help promote grass growth and some in some cases even restore the land.

Allan Savory is a pioneer of regenerative agriculture and using mob-grazing method to maintain land and help the environment flourish. It’s basis is stressing a small area of land with grazing animals for a short period of time and then moving them to another smaller pasture.

Bison naturally graze this way, cows however do not. This has earned cattle grazing a bad name, but with the proper management they don’t just preserve the land but can help it flourish. This method has even been used to restore land that was said to never be useable again. Dust bowls can be turned back into lush land with the proper techniques and cows. How cool is that?!

Red here on the other hand does not think it was cool that her pasture was cut in half yesterday to promote this technique. She’ll be happy though when the grass stays green and lush longer! 🙃

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