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What Does ‘Vorfreude’ Mean??

What on earth does “Vorfreude” mean? “The joy of anticipation.”

I wanted to incorporate German into the name of this venture because of the time I spent living in Austria. Austria loves its cows and they are everywhere. I’d go biking with baskets of apples in the alps to feed all the cows.

They even have a parade in all the mountain villages each year to send the cows up to the mountain sides in the spring and then another when they bring them back down. It is a huge event and they adorn the cows in flowers and it’s a day all about the cows.

When I was living there I worked at a very unique (to Americans, not to Austrians) agriculture high school that had its own herd of cows that the students learned animal husbandry, milking and cheese making. Most of my students came from families that raised dairy cows and supplied the milk for the local grocery stores.

The systems there are completely different and very enviable. Each province in Austria would supply its milk for the stores from cows in that province, and McDonalds beef in Austria comes from Austrian cows raised in the alps.

My students didn’t understand why I found all this so incredible, as they just saw it as what makes sense and the only way to do things. And can’t say they’re wrong, we’ve just gotten so far away from these systems. We may not be in Austria but in purchasing beef from these cows you’re investing in a small, local, sustainable system. 🙏🏼

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