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Why Don’t You See Dairy Beef in the Store?

Why don’t you see dairy cow beef in the store? Part 1:

Most likely you’ve unknowingly eaten dairy cow beef before, as retired dairy girls end up in the mainstream meat market, but often just as burger. They end up as burger not because that’s all they’re good for but because of lack of market in the United States. This issue is multi fold.

First you have yellow fat vs white fat. We are accustomed to white fat in America and the stunning deep yellow fat of dairy cow meat throws off consumers. What they don’t realize is how much they’re missing out on a deep, complex buttery flavour and texture this yellow fat brings. White fat tends to be a greasier mouth feel, whereas the yellow fat gives the buttery feel just like the delicious butter these girls have produced.

The rich color is full of vitamins and is part of what gives dairy beef it unique and complex flavors. It also helps make some of the best slow cooker BBQ beef sandwiches you’ve ever had and rich steaks and roasts.

PC: in their article on @camdenvalleyfarm, and Australian-based dairy and dairy-beef farm 😍

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